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The two terms-corporate and ethics- may seem a contradiction but actually they are a 'necessary condition' to set up a long term business enterprise and thereafter achieve excellence. Corporate ethics in short are significant. These corporate ethics enable us to define a line between the wrong and right, between various moral and ethical principles arising on business grounds and in the business environment.

And what is the main belief of our company when it comes to that?

Our corporate ethics is based on our shared values:

1.Integrity:personal honesty; acting according to one's beliefs and values at all times.

2.Respect: respect is the acknowledgment that someone has value; treating others the way you would like them to treat you.

3.Trust: is a relationship of reliance.

4.Teamwork: working together cooperatively as a team in order to accomplish the same goals/objectives.

5.Delivering quality: deliver a high degree of excellence.

6.Committed: having pledged ourselves to a particular course of action.

7.Transparency: openness, communication, and accountability.

How do we deal with that?

Our corporate ethics provides the ethical framework on which we base our decisions — as individuals and as members of our organization. Our corporate ethics is anchored in our values and beliefs, and underpins all that we do.