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"A Safe Environment"

We believe in a safe and secure environment. Not only for us who are working but for everyone we deliver our products and services to. Our commitment to safety and security is engrained in our daily work activities. It is integrated into our procedures and our leaders emphasize safety in our operations by committing to the highest standards of the industry.

Managing safety through the Health Safety and Environment (HSE) policy is standard procedure within our business and with our people. Complying with the International Standards when it comes to key products and processes is our commitment to quality according to the ISO standard 9001:2001 suite.

We are committed to health, safety and our environment, read our health, safety and environment policy:

The Curoil HSE Policy Statement

We are committed to achieving and maintaining excellence in all aspects of our operations We have a mandate to conduct our activities in a responsible manner.

For so far as it is reasonable practical , we will provide a work environment that protects the health and safety of our own employees, clients, visitors, contractors and the public while at the same time minimize the impact of our activities on the environment.
We will encourage contractors and other third parties to manage HSE in line with this policy.

To achieve every department is committed to:

* protect the environment
* to manage HSE as any other critical business activity
* to strive for continuous improvement
* encourage constructive communication with our employees
* use equipment and resources efficiently to provide our services promote best practice in our industry
* strive to eliminate all incidents and accidents

To maintain the quality of our products and services read our commitment to quality through our Quality policy:

Curoil Quality Policy Declaration

The primary objective of our management is to achieve with the companies’ activities a professional and reliable image on international and local markets to preserve the confidence of customers, to increase market share, to continuously maintain the quality of the service and products supplied while meeting and exceeding customer expectations and to be successful in operations.

In order to achieve these objectives:

* We will introduce, maintain and effectively operate the Quality Management System.
* We will train our employees regularly and by the acceptance of the development principles it will be ensured that everyone can actively participate in the development of the system.
* In order to continuously ensure the corresponding quality levels, suppliers and contractors will be selected carefully and evaluated on a regular basis.
* Through the operation of the Quality Management System, it will be ensured that follow up can be done on executed work. In addition to correcting accidental faults we will make sure that faults do not repeat in the future and the measures taken to prevent this can be documented and confirmed.
* Parallel to the operation and continuous development of the Quality Management System, protecting the natural environment, the safety and health of our employees will be the focus of our attention
* In the interest of meeting the requirements of our customers we will continuously upgrade our equipment and technology and improve our work ethics and culture.
* It is our goal to make sure that every employee of the company feels satisfied in their job by fostering a positive way of thinking.

The Quality Motto: "The quality of our work determines our future"