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What we do

Tourist guides from around the world consider Curaçao as the “pearl” of the Caribbean with its unique sunny climate; white sandy beaches and most of all, its beautiful local people who know how to enjoy these natural gifts while also protecting them. In short, Curaçao is for many the “Eldorado”.

Not mentioned in any promotional folder is the value of Curoil as the local oil and gas Distribution Company facilitating the life of locals and travelers living and visiting the islands of Curaçao and Bonaire.

Curoil, Curgas and Curoil Bonaire provide the necessary amount of energy for the economies. Everyone traveling to and from Curaçao and Bonaire, has had or will have contact with Curoil one way or the other. Think about fuel for airplanes, ships, motorboats, vessels, and automobiles. Also fuel for industry and construction is supplied through the Curoil channels.

And we indirectly contribute to the production of water and electricity on the islands by supplying gasoil and diesel to the local power plants.

On the islands, the transportation scenario is mainly motorized and the average consumer has a number of gas stations to choose from for its fueling purposes. From a supply point of view this requires a well structured distribution system to guarantee supply to all gas stations. Curoil as the local fuel and gas Distribution Company has this responsibility and supplies fuel to gas stations both privately held by third parties and to those owned by Curoil.

Curgas as the Curoil gas subsidiary, supplies LPG to households, the hospitality sector and the industry at large. Customer service is the back bone of this service center. On time delivery, good product quality and high customer satisfaction are the focal points for Curgas.

When taking a tour by air, over the island of Curaçao, many will notice the white oil tanks with the Curoil emblem. These tanks carry fuel for local and international purposes. The tank park at the various locations has become insufficient for the growth in demand for fuel that has manifested the last couple of years. Adding floating storage and constructing new tanks will alleviate the storage capacity.

From a national perspective Curoil is accountable for to the continued supply of fuel to the islands. And, as practice shows, it has kept its promise to the communities for over its twenty fours years of existence.

Curoil with its subsidiaries have become an essential concept in supply and delivery of oil and gas products on the islands. While operating in the communities of Curaçao and Bonaire Curoil adopted the corporate social responsibility in the way it conducts its businesses. And what is important, is derived from this philosophy.

We deliver directly to the aviation and bunkering industry through our Aviation and Bunkering departments, strategically located at the Curaçao international airport and for bunkering we are located at the

Motet wharf

What’s important for Curoil:

First is the community is serves and the people in it. Second the preservation of the world we live in through the protection of the environment, the planet. And third, the business it operates and associated profits it generates which benefit and provide for a better economic position of the islands".

"At Curoil we do not believe in only gaining business advantage through generating profits, but the driving force of our business is to be able to guarantee a bright future for the islands, and for the people that live there together with all who visit. The "Pearl” of the Caribbean is "timeless".

"Curoil Management works diligently towards delivering on this promise. Together with a well equipped staff we are happy to have you on board!”