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Hasié Bo Tambe!

**To foster awareness and provide information on the responsible and safe use of petroleum products**

Curoil and Curgas on both Curaçao and Bonaire started the awareness campaign to create awareness among its consumers when it comes to the use of petroleum products. In many ways, the company draws attention on the responsible use of its products and services.

By using the “walk the talk” idea, a number of popular personalities have partnered with Curoil to work towards a changed behavior among consumers; a more conscious behavior; especially when dealing with gasoline and gas products. From valuable tips to make drivers aware of how to save on miles per gallon, to providing actual instructions in handling cylinders (LPG) in a responsible and safe way.

Hasié bo tambe! Literally means “DO IT TOO” in Papiamentu.
This campaign will cover the whole year and local popular personalities in the communities also promote the awareness campaign. The introduction of the campaign starts in the Carnival season, which can be considered a widely celebrated national event and the personalities, therefore, match with the season.

Some Carnival personalities on Curaçao are: Farley Lourens (3 times back to back to back King of Tumba) and Corinne Djaoen-Genaro (President of the Curaçao Carnival organizing committee)

**Download the press release in Papiamentu**

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