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Why recent retail diesel prices have differed from gasoline prices. Recent U.S. retail diesel prices have continued to be much lower than at their peak last July of $4.76 per gallon - they were down by roughly $2.22 per gallon as of the middle of July of this year. Further, the national average for diesel actually fell below gasoline’s average price in mid-May and continued the trend through the end of June, based on data from the Energy Information Administration. With gasoline prices falling faster than diesel in July, the diesel price average rose above that of gasoline. The national average of diesel prices was $2.542 while that of gasoline was $2.528 as of July 13. Longer-term factors that have been tied to variations in gasoline versus diesel prices include the different seasonal price variations for the two fuels, and differing tax rates. Factors in more recent years have included at-times strong growth in U.S and world diesel demand, the relative unavailability of diesel imports, and the introduction of ultra-low sulfur diesel in 2006, which is contributing to improved air quality but costs more to manufacture. These factors are detailed in the PDF below: Why recent retail diesel prices have differed from gasoline prices Size: 80 KB | Date: July 15, 2009 | License: Free

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