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To Bunker in Curacao

Curoil is the sole supplier of fuel oils in Curaçao and Bonaire and is your one stop location for bunker fuels. As part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, with a stable industrious government, Curaçao and its oil company are reliable partners for bunkering. Strategically located just 70 kilometers (35 miles) off the coast of Venezuela, Curaçao is among the region’s most developed and best organized ports.

Curoil is well equipped with all the necessary facilities to guarantee the reliability of our fuel supply to our customers. Curaçao has a number of bunker berths and facilities which are available for our customers:

* Curoil’s main bunker berth is located at Willemstad in the Sint Anna Bay channel. At this berth Curoil can supply all fuel oil grades and gasoil.

* The Megapier berth situated 200 meters of the Sint Anna Bay, on the coastline of Curacao, has a T-shaped pier that stretches 100 meters into the sea. Curoil can supply all fuel oil grades and gasoil by an underground pipeline.

* At the Emmastad Refinery, Curoil can supply high vanadium fuel oil from nine of the refinery’s jetties. MGO deliveries can be supplied by the Curoil barge alongside at Emmastad.

* Container vessel can bunker all fuel oil grades and gasoil by the small barge at the Brionwerf. The small barge can supply approx. 300 mt of fuel oil and approx. 90 mt of gasoil.

Curoil offers offshore bunker deliveries at Curacao, Bonaire and Aruba. The barge fee is $ 15 per mt. Deliveries will be executed only with daylight for a minimum of 600 mt and up to 10,000 mt of fuel oil. For offshore Aruba a lumpsum fee of $ 10,000 applies for volumes below 1000MT.

The two barges, the Curoil I and the Curoil II are classed under Lloyds and comply with the regulations of the Shipping directorate of the Netherlands Antilles and Lloyds regulations. All procedures for operating on the vessels and at the terminal are derived from the ISGOTT (International Safety Guide for Oil Tankers and Terminals) and SOLAS (Safety of Life At Sea). Two supply tankers are also available for offshore deliveries and cargo work. The British Shield can carry up to 3,300 MT and the Angeles B can carry up to 10,000 MT. Offshore bunkers can be delivered at anchorage in Aruba, offshore Bonaire and also offshore Curacao.

Our Fuel

With over 24 years of experience in supplying bunker fuels, Curoil has optimized and improved its service to its customers continuously. We make sure that our fuel is tested prior to delivery and that it also complies with international specifications and ISO standards (ISO 8217:2005).

Curoil offers fuel oil ranging in viscosity from 30 cst to 380 cst, as well as MGO/DMA. We can supply fuel blends from all grades of high and low sulphur and vanadium. All fuels meet international standards (ISO 8217:2005) and are subject to independent inspection prior to release.

Service Level

We are well known for our prompt service, timely delivery, quality fuel, variety of fuel bunker locations and facilities.

We offer year-round bunkering services to ships calling at the Curaçao ports.

Our customers can choose from different pits located on the wharfs for their bunkering needs. Take a tour to find the most convenient method. To comply with environmental and safety regulations, we apply the ISO regulations and general safety procedures for the tank farm and operational activities. Also the ISPS code (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) is applicable at our bunkering locations in the port of Curaçao.

We have made it our business to maintain the reputation of the reliable bunker supplier.

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