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Industrial fuel Services

Diesel tanks installation for generators

High volume customers normally require diesel tanks for diesel fuel storage or for fueling generators. These tanks are commonly installed above the ground level or placed underground. It all depends on the tank size and the instructions and guidelines provided bt the Department of Environmental Affairs. Standard tank sizes are 500 and 1,000 gallon equivalent to 1,850 and 3,700 liters.

To Apply for a tank

For tanks of over 2,000 liters you will need a permit. The application starts with an official request to the Department of Environmental Affairs (Milieu Dienst). This department requests advice from the Fire Department and Curoil. After all three parties submit a positive advice the official permit is granted. Please contact the Department of Environmental Affairs at Telephone number: 736 9012 We at Curoil can also supply the material and supervise your project.
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What you need to know to install a generator

1. Request for permission at Department of Environmental affairs (Mileu dienst), applicable for generators that use an external tank.
2. Make sure you have at your location:
a) Concrete basin with 50CM clearance from the tank on all sides
b) 1 1/2" Dry break coupling
c) Metal drain basin (below the dry break coupling)
d) 2" Open vent
e) 1 1/2 drain cock
f) Level gauge
g) High level gauge alarm
3. Upon installation the diesel tank must be anchored at one side.

Who will benefit from the installation?

High volume diesel consumers and generator operators who need an additional fuel tank.